‘Mommy Blogger’ Is Charged With Injecting Own Daughter With Urine

by : UNILAD on : 20 Oct 2015 03:08

A mother from New South Wales, Australia, has been charged by police with harming her 9-year-old daughter by injecting her with urine and feeding the child laxatives.


The 42-year-old woman has had her identity withheld, but it has been revealed that she is a ‘mommy blogger’ who regularly posts about her family life and ill daughter online.

The child in question regularly attends the hospital but earlier this year was admitted with renal failure and a severe rash, raising suspicions of medical staff.

It is alleged that a mixture of yeast and fungus grew within one of the child’s intravenous lines which indicates potential contamination by urine.

Syringes, urine samples, and laxatives were then supposedly found in the mother’s handbag, and police can supposedly trace abuse as far back as 2008.


The woman could be a sufferer of Münchausen syndrome by proxy, a disorder where caregivers will exaggerate or even induce symptoms within someone in their care so as to gain attention for themselves.

However, as indicated in the video above, some experts believe Münchausen syndrome by proxy is unfortunately cited by doctors when they run out of leads in what the medical cause of a patient’s illness may be.

The court case has been adjourned but will resume December 2.

Whatever the cause, hopefully the little girl will get well soon.

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