More Bad News About The Upcoming Jumanji Remake Nobody Asked For


Unfortunately for everyone, Jumanji is being remade. And just to double down on the horror, it’s being remade by the guy who directed Sex Tape. Apparently, the project is definitely moving forward. ‘Aggressively.’

According to Deadline, the mastermind behind the universally panned rom-com Sex Tape – Jake Kasdan – has been tagged onto making the ‘Jumanji’ film.

That’s actually kinda harsh, Kasdan is a perfectly adequate director with shows like New Girl and Freaks and Geeks under his belt. But he’s also directed movies like Bad Teacher, Zero Effect and Walk Hard. So, yeah. Mixed bag.


In other Jumanji related news, Sony are reportedly ‘moving aggressively’ ahead with the film in order to get it out by Christmas this year, though the film’s imdb page has it marked for release on February 3, 2017. Naturally, people are sceptical as fuck.

There’s not much other news on the film other than that Sony-based Matt Tolmach and Bill Teitler will produce, with Ted Field and Mike Weber are serving as executive producers.