More Bizarre Pokemon Arrive In New Sun & Moon Trailer


The world might be busy playing Pokemon GO, but Nintendo don’t want you to forget about the core games in the franchise. 

We’ve now got five minutes of entirely new Pokemon Sun & Moon footage, and it introduces even more bizarre new Pokemon, as well as some fresh takes on a few classic monsters.

But before we go any further, we need to get this out of the way: Gumshoos (below) is clearly Donald Trump. Okay? Cool – let’s continue.


One of the most interesting reveals in the trailer were the new forms showed off for some classic first gen ‘mon.

We’ve got now got ice type variations of Vulpix/Ninetails, and Sandshrew/Sandslash, as well as a hilarious new take on Exeggutor.

You can check out the new palm tree variant of Exeggutor below – and that is some promo art from around 20 years ago that shows the design has actually been around for a while now.

Weird right? Even weirder when you consider that Mankey looks like it’s trying to throttle or hump Exeggutor in that picture.

Anyway, a ton of new details were also shown off in the trailer (which you can see below), including super powered Z-Moves which can only be used once per battle, and the introduction of ride Pokemon.

Going from the trailer, ride Pokemon seem to be temporary partners that you team up with to overcome various obstacles, rather than members of your own party – hopefully this marks the end of the dreaded HM.

All in all, Sun & Moon continue to look like the weirdest Pokemon games in quite some time – and I’m 100 percent okay with that.