More Details About New Prison Break Revealed At Comic-Con

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Fox has just lifted the curtain on the new series of Prison Break by airing a previously unseen trailer, as well as some more unseen footage, at Comic-Con on Sunday.


Boasting to be the biggest escape ever, the hit drama appears to focus on Michael (Wentworth Miller), who was feared dead following the climax of season four, reports Yahoo.

Filmed on location in Morocco, clues from the new footage seem to suggest that Michael’s on-screen brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and wife Sarah (Sarah Wayne Callies) have decided to reunite to create the most jaw-dropping prison escape ever.


And as if that wasn’t enough – old time notorious escapees Sucre (Nolasco), T-Bag (Knepper) and C-Note (Dunbar), are all rumoured to be back in the mix for the next season.


Following a seven year hiatus, Miller urged that the new season needs to be fresh and not just another lousy repeat of the same old story – while Prison Break creator, Paul Scheuring, claimed that the new series will definitely ‘clear that bar’.

Speaking at Comic-Con, Miller and Purcell said that the idea to come back for another series was ignited while they acted together on The Flash.

wentwentFox / YouTube

Purcell said:

We got on set, and it was just like we hadn’t been apart for all these years, and we started to warm to the idea of – why not another Prison Break?

Apparently, Miller’s character also has a shit-ton of new ink which Miller claims are ‘central to the plot’, however, not in the same way as they were in the original series when his tattoos aided their escape plans.

One thing is for sure – the footage looks action packed and incredibly gripping, so hold tight, as the new season is set to hit our screens next year.

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