Footage From Scrapped Star Wars Battlefront 3 Emerges


Nothing stings more than what might have been – and so it is in the case of Star Wars Battlefront 3, the sequel we’ll never see. 

The cancelled title was to be more in line with the first two Battlefront games, as opposed to the controversial (yet somehow at the same time inexplicably popular) 2016 Battlefront reboot from DICE.

Battlefront 3 was to be developed by Free Radical Design, of Timesplitter fame, and surprise surprise – it looked pretty fucking good.


The footage – which you can check out below – comes through Youtube courtesy of user FuZah (via Reddit). The video describes the footage as being taken from an ‘unfinished alpha version’.

The footage was captured in 2008, and unfortunately it’s all FuZah has. They said that if they had an actual build of the game, they would have shared it online.

It’s the thought that counts I guess – check it out (in two parts) below:

Obviously it isn’t as handsome a game as DICE’s recent effort, but I’d bet my farm (if I had a farm) that Free Radical’s Battlefront 3 would’ve had a hell of a lot of more substance and substantially less DLC.

At this point, we all know that the game was in development, but LucasArts never actually confirmed the existence of the project themselves – perhaps admitting it died would be too hard?


A group of fans recently led the charge to create their very own Battlefront 3 in Unreal Engine 4 – but it was unfortunately shut down by EA a few weeks back.

It might be time to let go of the dream and just move on.