More Snow Is Coming Back To The UK

by : UNILAD on : 20 Apr 2018 18:13
More Snow Is Coming Back To The UKMore Snow Is Coming Back To The UKGetty

It might be time to put away the sunglasses after all, because forecasts are suggesting we’re getting more winter weather here in the UK.


We’ve experienced record-breaking temperatures for this time of year over the last couple of days, but that good luck looks like it might be about to end.

Apparently, by the middle of next week temperatures are going to plummet, which will bring in a huge potential of frost and even bouts of snow as a front of cold air makes its way to the UK.

Temperatures look like they could even drop as low as -2 or -3C in the upper parts of Scotland, but the threat of snow is reportedly present across parts of Northern England and Wales as well.

More Snow Is Coming Back To The UKMore Snow Is Coming Back To The UKGetty

Leon Brown, chief forecaster at The Weather Channel, told Mirror Online:

It will be quite a lot colder from the middle of next week for the west and northwest. Gardeners should beware ground frosts later next week.

We may see air frosts by the end of next week too with temperatures of -2 or -3C in Scotland.

Showers will be wintry over higher ground with models for Wednesday evening indicating a slight covering of snow over the higher parts of the UK from Wales northwards and especially Scottish Highlands – typically above 300 to 400m.


But before we get that cold weather, the country is going to have to endure some thunderstorms over the weekend, with the worst weather set to hit on Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning.

The storms aren’t going to cool the atmosphere at all though, and the worst combination of torrential rain and high humidity will make the end of the weekend a miserable one.

Leon Brown added:

The beginning of the change will be this Sunday as cooler Atlantic air moves eastwards.

This may trigger some heavy downpours over eastern England during Sunday afternoon.

We will have to watch out for flash flooding locally.

I expect we will see hail and some heavy April showers next Wednesday and Thursday across much of the UK, cracks of thunder possible too.


Yesterday was the hottest day in April we’ve seen for 70 years, with temperatures peaking at 29.1C in the capital.

The scorching heat marks a stark contrast for this time of year, where temperatures reach an average max temperature of 11.4C.

The Met Office said the hot temperatures came from a weather front from Portugal which had been dragged up towards the UK because of low pressure over the Atlantic ocean, and held here by high pressure over western Europe.


Spokesman Oli Claydon said:

After quite a dull and chilly start to spring this is the first bout of real warm sunshine that we’ve seen.

The sun at this time of year is nearly equally as strong as it can be in the summer so people just need to be cautious of that and make sure that they do look after themselves.

Sadly, it looks like summer is already over for us Brits, in true UK fashion. Brb gonna look for places to live in the Med.

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