More Than 100 Dead In Havana Plane Crash


More than 100 people have died after a Boeing 737 plane crashed and exploded near Cuba’s Jose Marti International Airport.

According to state media, three people have survived, but they are in a critical condition according to local newspaper Granma, as reported by the BBC.

The plane was reportedly carrying 104 passengers and nine foreign crew.

It is alleged the aircraft had been leased by state airline Cubana de Aviación from Mexican company Damojh.


Miguel Diaz Canel, the Cuban president, said before fatalities were confirmed:

There has been an unfortunate aviation accident. The news is not very promising, it seems that there is a high number of victims.

Images showed a thick column of smoke rising from the crash site, and emergency services rushed to the scene within minutes.

The announcement puts the number of dead at around 101.


It was reported to be an internal flight from Havana to Holguin, on the east of the island.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 11am local time and land an hour and 20 minutes later, but the jet barely made it out of its departure airport.

Reports suggest the plane either crashed in a field of yuca, or on a highway leading to the centre of Havana.

According to The Independent the plane is 30 years old, and had apparently flown for seven other airlines, including Southwest in 1988, as well as Air Kazakhstan.

There is concern people on the ground are also among the casualties.