Morgan Freeman Gets Introduced To Snapchat, Doesn’t Get It


Morgan Freeman is famous for his voice and his acting ability, it is safe to say social media would not feature highly on his CV.

The 78-year-old was given the opportunity to enter the world of Snapchat by Complex editorial producer and news anchor Alex Hudgens.

Hudgens later shared The Shawshank Redemption star’s first snap on Instagram, and it is fair to say he didn’t get it.

Morgan's first snapchat. History, kids. ??

A video posted by Alex Hudgens (@a_hudge) on

Freeman says:

I don’t want to say anything though.

We all know someone who incessantly shoves a camera in your face on a night out, well now we have the perfect response to them. Thanks Morgan.

As pointed out by UPROXX Freeman is not the only aging star to struggle with the technology.

Well age is a factor in people’s social media preferences, but Jay Z cannot use age as an excuse to the same extent Freeman can.