Moron Learnt To Drive On Playstation, Went For Spin, Got Chased By Police


Some men are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them. Some men however, are just fucking morons.

Having never passed his driving test, let alone his theory, Adam Jones, 24, decided the best way to learn to drive would be by sitting in front of his Playstation, and putting pedal to the metal. Unfortunately for him, the law – and common sense – thought otherwise.

Lincolnshire police

After barrelling down the streets in Grantham, Lincolnshire at 100mph, Jones quickly found himself pursued by the police – something he likely thought was pretty normal after playing games like GTA.

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Having caused over £1,000 worth of damage to cars and public property, Jones was only stopped by police deploying stinger spike systems on the road. Once arrested, Jones declared that he had ‘learned to drive on his Playstation’. Thankfully, the dingbat has been locked up for 12 months to think about his actions.

The Judge who sentenced Jones said:

“You said you ‘Only learnt to drive on a PlayStation game.’ You were driving like a Playstation game. You drove as fast as you could as if in a video or Playstation game without any care for those around you.”

Here’s hoping Adam Jones can get some more life lessons from such classics as: Prison Cafeteria Beatdown, The Shank 2: Shanked Harder and Don’t Drop The Soap Simulator.