Mosques In Manchester Have Refused To Bury Salman Abedi’s Body

by : UNILAD on : 31 May 2017 11:55

Manchester councils, Mosques and funeral directors are doing ‘everything in their power’ to stop the body of suicide bomber Salman Abedi being laid to rest in any way in the city.


The 23-year-old terrorist’s body is being held in a morgue outside of Greater Manchester, and authorities are refusing to deal with it.

A source told the MEN that Abedi’s body has never been kept in the same place as the 22 innocent victims.

The source said:


Just like Ian Brady, every effort is going in to making sure that there is not a chance Abedi can be buried or cremated in Greater Manchester.

The body is the property of the coroner and the coronial process must take place.

Greater Manchester Police

Abedi was identified as the attacker by specialist counter terrorism forensic teams within two hours of him detonating his device at the Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert last Monday night.

The UK threat level was reduced from critical to severe on Saturday due to the in-depth investigations taking place all over the UK.

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  1. Manchester Evening News

    Bomber Salman Abedi 'will not be buried or cremated in Greater Manchester'