Most Awkward Video Yet Of Donald And Melania Trump Has Emerged


We’ve all seen them – the weird, awkward videos of Donald Trump and his wife Melania – and this latest may just be the most cringe-worthy yet.

The uncomfortable exchange came during a visit to Joint Base Andrews, a US military facility located in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

But before we look, here are some of the previous examples of complete awkwardness, from facial expressions to the refusal to hold hands, it’s all there:

This latest clip shows Melania Trump introducing Donald at an event at Joint Base Andrews.

As she introduces him, he approaches the podium, thanks Melania – with a handshake – before telling her where to ‘go across the stage’.

Nothing romantic about it. At all:

And people have taken to Twitter to address it all, with suggestions Melania is actually a ‘programmed robot’:

After taking to the stage, Trump issued yet another warning to Kim Jong-un over in North Korea about America’s military might and nuclear power.

He also made a bizarre reference to Top Gun when he congratulated the airmen and women present for being ‘better looking than Tom Cruise’, adding:

We know they can fight better, and we know they can fly better.

Somebody please tell him Top Gun isn’t a real thing.