‘Most Clear’ UFO Sighting Yet Sparks #UFOAttack Trend On Twitter

by : UNILAD on : 29 Nov 2016 11:50

The people of Turkey were calling to NASA in fear on Sunday night as a strange pattern of lights or ‘UFOs’ was spotted in the sky.


There was mass panic as more and more photos of the strange lights appeared online, before news of similar sightings in Denver and Texas, and then in Canada and Mexico, HNGN reports.

#ufoattacktoturkey became the number one trending topic on Twitter before the social media company allegedly censored it, angering a lot of users as well as raising suspicions.

UFO hunters secureteam10 posted a video of the events to their YouTube channel, which was viewed more than 45,000 times in less than 24 hours.


They said:

We had a fleet of these unknown lights that were appearing in multiple cities across the country of Turkey, causing mass panic for many people.

Hundreds of Twitter users were posting their concerns and photos as they watched the perplexing ‘attack’ (nothing was attacked, that’s just what they’re calling it).

There was a fear that the wool was being pulled over people’s eyes…

It was a very strange occurrence…


Apparently this lady saw it in the UK as well!

There were numerous accusations against Twitter and Youtube for censoring images and hashtags related to the ‘UFO’ incident.

People were encouraged to keep the hashtag trending…

Of course, a much more probable reason for the lights is some sort of drone being flown over the country.

There has been no official confirmation of what the lights were, I’m sure it’s NASA’s top priority though…

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