The Stupidest Celebrity F*ck Ups Of 2015


No end of year review would be complete without spending some time on those moments when celebrities ceased to be those blessed, brightly coloured figures of envy that populate our films and telly and were revealed to be the cringily embarrassing cretins they are.

Whether it’s an old hand like Madonna obviously and desperately trying to stay relevant through any means necessary, or a relatively new gobshite like Donald Trump trying to master basic speaking, they’re all here. Enjoy…

Donald Trump Saying China

Few things were funnier in 2015 than walking combover Donald Trump’s bid for the US Presidency which has saw the hotel despot make crass and racist generalisations about Mexicans, Syrians, single mums and disabled journalists all the while struggling to understand basic geography, speak correctly or master having hair. The above clip of him pronouncing China is especially amusing…

Everything Shia Labeouf Has Done

Shia LaBeouf has had an exceptional 2015 filled with more ups and downs than a bipolar baby bouncing on a roller coaster. It’s hard to know whether to be embarrassed for Shia – whether he’s actually cracking up and going a bit mental, or if it is all just an elaborate hoax to fuck with the media’s perception of him. Either way it’s routinely pretty embarrassing and painful to watch, and maybe that’s the point.

Madonna Kissing Drake

In many ways Madonna is something of a genius, managing to constantly get herself in the news to appear relevant when nobody has actually liked any of her music since probably Ray Of Light. She achieves this by doing variously “controversial” things like kissing Britney Spears, putting on an English accent, promoting the use of “molly” or just shamelessly appropriating whatever music style is big at the time and making her latest album sound like that. Here’s one of her latest knuckle-bitingly awkward scenes as she seems to mouth-rape Rapper With Feelings (™), Drake.

Madonna Falling Onstage

This is probably not even accidental but some kind of spin doctor suggested bid for internet relevance through embarrassed pity… I trust nothing she does.

The Edge Walking Off Stage

Resisting urge to make obvious “edge” joke about the U2 stalwart with every fibre of my being….

Justin Bieber Getting Kicked Out Of Coachella

Poptart Justin Bieber had a memorable 2015 in which he continued to plough the well-worn furrow of child star gone bad in a bid to appeal to a newer, older and more discerning generation of music fans. Rather than make actual adult music he does what Miley, Britney and Christina have done before him, go off the rails a bit on the drugs and boozing til people stop seeing you as a paedophile’s wet dream and see you as a human artist. Probably. Anyway, he managed to get himself embarrassingly kicked out of Coachella festival this summer after behaving like an entitled tit. The security man responsible will probably never have to buy a pint again.