Mother Crashes Moped While Driving With One Hand And Holding Baby


Look, we’ve heard of multi-tasking before but we feel like it should be fairly obvious that you shouldn’t attempt to drive a vehicle with one hand while holding your baby daughter in the other.

However, that’s precisely what one mother-of-the-year candidate decided to try in Paraguay.

Shocking video footage obtained by the Mirror shows the crazy moment the woman pulled out of a junction on her moped and crossed a busy road, only to immediately crash into another bike.

The woman hits the deck while still holding onto her baby girl. Fortunately, the baby was unhurt in the incident.

The mother, Maria Ojeda Basualdo, reportedly handed herself in to police shortly after the video was released by prosecutors in Paraguay.

According to the Mirror, she now faces possible fines, a driving ban, and as much as three years in prison for “exposing a child to danger”. All of which is a small price to pay for such ridiculously reckless behaviour as this, really!