Mother Devastated After Photo Of Baby Son Who Died Reported To Facebook

13536015_485882421605785_1694254122_nImelda Bell

A mother has been left devastated after a photo of her and her son was reported to Facebook as ‘offensive’.

The photo shows a woman beside her son, who died after birth, the Huffington Post reports.

After receiving unpleasant comments and reports, the photo – which was originally posted on a private timeline – is being backed by the person who took it. The photographer, Imelda Bell, has appealed to Facebook users to show support for the woman.

Bell told UNILAD:

I was so disappointed that a friend reported it from her personal page, that I took it public in support.

Beside the reported photo, Bell, who took the photo as part of the charity Remember My Baby, explained the image ‘shows the love that she feels for her son, and is a beautiful moment.’


Asking the Internet to show support for the woman, Bell called out those who reported the photo:

Please show your support for this brave Mummy. She posted this photo of her beautiful sleeping Angel (which I took as a volunteer for the charity Remember my Baby) on her timeline. It shows the love that she feels for her son, and is a beautiful moment.

Someone has reported the image to Facebook as offensive and left her feeling devastated. She has a right to be proud of her son and to post photos of him, just as any parent has the right to post photos of their children.

Of course, this bereaved mother would much rather be posting images of her son as he grew up, but instead she wanted to show him to her friends as she last remembered him.

Bell added: “It is beyond cruel to report and crush her in this way. Please like and share the photo to show your support and let her know how beautiful her baby is.”

The post, which has been temporarily removed, has already gained a combined 64,000 likes and shares, with the majority of people supporting her photo.

Despite the support, though, the mother has said she is still receiving appalling messages from strangers.

Bell told UNILAD that while the mother hadn’t posted it publicly, commenters to Bell’s post were criticising the mum for posting it for everyone to see, when in actuality, she only posted it to friends and family on a private timeline.

While some may not agree with the photo, the main argument is that a mother should have the right to deal with grief in whatever way she sees fit.

It seems as though the only thing that is offensive about this photo is the fact that someone reported it in the first place. Our thoughts are with the mother.