Mother Dies And Daughter Fighting For Life After Fall From Funfair Ride

Mother Dies And Daughter Fighting For Life After Fall From Funfair RideCEN

A mother has died and her daughter is fighting for her life, after falling from a faulty funfair ride while it was at its highest point.

The pair were seated on a popular ride in Penjamo, in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato. As intended, the ride was hurtling through the air and spinning around at height.

When the ride reached its highest point, it turned over so those onboard were looking at the ground. The safety bar appeared to unlock, sending the mother and daughter hurtling to the ground.

Mother Dies And Daughter Fighting For Life After Fall From Funfair RideCEN

Irma Sanchez Albarran has since been named as the mother who sadly passed away, and Nayeli Morales Sanchez has been identified as her daughter, who remains fighting for her life in hospital.

In the short and horrifying video, the amusement ride flips and thrills its screaming occupants before suspending in mid air while inverted.

The safety bar on one section suddenly springs loose and the legs of a woman appear at the bottom. As she falls, another woman plunges from the ride and both mother and daughter end up on the ground below.

The State Attorney General’s Office is investigating the cause of the accident at the Penjamo Fair, part of the city’s May festivities.

You can check out the horrifying footage in this video:

Authorities have been in contact with the family, but confirmed no arrests have been made, at the time of writing.

The fatal accident happened three days after the annual fair opened. Sanchez Albarran’s body was taken to the town of Irapuato to undergo an autopsy, while her daughter is still in intensive care.

The investigation continues.

Two years ago, a boy was tragically killed on the world’s biggest waterslide in Kansas City, Missouri.

Caleb Thomas Schwab was killed riding the Verruckt water slide, which translates to ‘insane’ in German. It stands at over 168-foot tall – making it higher than the Statue of Liberty.

Gruesome Details Of Boy’s Death On Waterslide RevealedPA

Esteban Castaneda was at the Kansas City theme park on the day of Caleb’s death and witnessed the horrific incident.

Speaking to ABC7, Esteban said he heard a series of loud bangs before the raft, where Caleb had been sitting just moments before, reached the bottom of the waterslide followed by a body which had been washed down the slide as well.

Esteban rushed over to help, thinking somebody was lying face down in the water, but a lifeguard quickly told him there was nothing he could do.

He then noticed the body in the water had been decapitated.

He also noticed the front seat of the raft, where Caleb is thought to have been seated, was empty, but two women were strapped into the seats behind.

Gruesome Details Of Boy’s Death On Waterslide RevealedFamily Handout

Esteban said he’d been on the waterslide earlier the same day with his cousin’s daughter, who claims her seat-belt became undone towards the end of the ride.

Truly horrifying.

You’d think in the 21st century, rides would be able to function properly without fatal malfunctions occurring.

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