Mother Dolphin Fights In Vain As Divers ‘Steal Calf To Sell To Aquarium’

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jan 2017 17:01
Facebook/Liz Carter

A distressing video of a baby dolphin being ripped from its mother, allegedly to be sold to a marine park, has emerged.


The harrowing footage of dolphin hunters in Taiji, Japan, shows the mother desperately trying to wrestle its calf from the divers, while the lady videoing, can be heard sobbing at the atrocity.

Liza Carter, a volunteer with Blue Cove Days, posted the video showing divers holding onto the calf, and pulling on its fins before pushing it up against the boat and trapping it in a net.

Here’s the disturbing video:



Carter wrote:

100 dolphins were stolen, some died from the process
juveniles ripped from their mothers,this scene, the mother and child are desperately trying to stay together..

Your entertainment has been stolen from the wild ..destined for marine parks and aquariums..stop supporting swim with dolphins , marine parks that hold,captive dolphins.

Taiji holds an infamous and bloody hunt in its cove annually which saw a superpod of about 300 dolphins trapped in the bay and captured or slaughtered, often turning the sea red.

Here’s a shot from the 2009 documentary The Cove which reported on the cruel annual event…


Some of the dolphins will reportedly be sold to marine parks, while others are slaughtered for their meat.

For more information or to donate, visit Sea Shepherd or the Dolphin Project, and definitely watch The Cove.

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    Panic-stricken mother dolphin desperately tries to stop divers ripping her baby away from her and 'selling to aquarium'