Mother Hosts Beer And Weed Party For 12 To 14-Year-Olds


Well, just when we thought the year couldn’t get any weirder, an American mother has been arrested for hosting a beer and weed party for her 14-year-old daughter and her friends.

32-year-old Texan mother-of-three Mandy Wells agreed to provide drugs and alcohol for her daughter’s birthday bash, supplying the kids with Coors Light beer and marijuana packed into a Hello Kitty pipe.


According to court records, this mother-of-the-year “thought for a minute that it was a bad idea” but overruled her conscience with her own dipshittery and “did it anyway.”

Wells is facing a felony and a misdemeanor charge for hosting the party earlier this month, where around 10 kids aged 12 to 14 got drunk and stoned on her generosity.

One of the kids attending the party told their parents and the police that Wells had given them beer and asked “if they wanted to smoke marijuana.” Two other students from the Springtown Middle School also told investigators they had been given access to drugs and alcohol at Wells’ home.

The Smoking Gun

According to Wells, her daughter self-medicates with marijuana for depression but when asked about who supplies the drug, she clammed up. Police noted she was “more concerned with protecting the identity of her marijuana supplier than the welfare of the children that had been left in her care.”