Mother In China Selling Hugs To Raise Money For Daughter’s Medical Treatment

SCMP Pictures

A mother in China is selling hugs to strangers for £1 a pop in order to raise money for medical treatment for her four-year-old daughter who has leukaemia.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, 28-year-old Chen Dejuan was photographed standing outside a subway station in Chongqing with her daughter Nana on Friday and Saturday, holding a sign which read, “Selling hugs, 10 yuan each”.

She reportedly showed her identity card and daughter’s medical records to passers-by to prove that she was telling the truth about their situation.

SCMP Pictures

The heartbreaking photos from local media show Nana sat on the floor alongside her mum, wearing a respiratory mask and nearly bald.

Dejuan and her husband are said to have spent 70,000 yuan (£7,000) on medical treatment for their daughter, which included all their savings and money borrowed from friends and relatives.

The mother earned more than 600 yuan (£60) in just over an hour on her first day of selling hugs to strangers, while additional donations have been made by people who have read about the family’s situation online.