Mother Shares Shocking Images Of Disabled Son Beaten By Bullies

Valerie Lozano/Facebook/KENS5

A distraught mother has shared images of her disabled school-age son after being left bloodied and fearing for his life having been beaten up by bullies, she claims.

Valerie Lozano has shared photographs of the alleged beating to social media, accusing her son’s school of not doing enough to protect him amid claims a teacher knew he was at risk, and was aware fight was about to take place but did nothing to stop the violence.

She spoke to KENS5 about the altercation:

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Valerie, from San Antonio, Texas, said her son has ADHD, anxiety and depression, and now no longer wanted to go to school and he is struggling to eat or sleep and claimed the teacher promised ‘don’t worry I got you’ moments before the attack.

Michael said:

I felt I just wanted to faint, cry. I’m scared. I’m terrified for my life.

Michael’s mum has shared images of the young boy covered in blood following the fight at Resnik Middle School today, as she has slammed teaching staff online for not intervening.


She told KENS5:

When a student cries out to help to their teacher, stop what you’re doing and help them. They’re crying out for help for a reason.

[The teacher] could have walked my son to the car, he could of took my son to the office.

She wrote on social media:

I also keep on calling Southwest ISD District to speak to them about what happen and what is going to be done about this and they never return my phone calls.

Feel free to share I want this to go viral so something can be done plz share this post this was at Resnik middle school.

Valerie Lozano/Facebook

While Valerie claims her son was being bullied, other students have alleged he was the instigator of the fight.

Southwest Independent School District, which oversees Resnik Middle School, said in a statement:

On Thursday, January 25, around 3pm, two students engaged in a mutual altercation that was immediately intervened by an SWISD police officer.

Due to FERPA, we cannot disclose disciplinary actions taken against the students, but we can say both parties did comply with the officer’s directives.

We are continuing to investigate the incident. We take student safety very seriously and monitor bullying and harassment reports as soon as we receive them.

Valerie Lozano/Facebook

The school said it was a ‘mutual altercation’.

Whether you are being bullied at work, at home, in the community or in education, The National Bullying Helpline can help. Call them on 0845 22 55 787 or 07734 701221.