Mother Spends £1,500 On Christmas Presents, Insists Children Are Not Spoilt

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Emma Tapping, 27, from the Isle of Man, has been sharing pictures of the presents she’s bought for her children online. She’s surprised at the criticism she’s received. 


Mrs Tapping has bought her children and husband 85 presents each. She has spent a solid £1,500 on her shopping adventures so far.

The picture of her Christmas tree and all the presents has spread online with someone adding the caption: ‘Nearly time for all the materialistic parents to compete and broadcast how many presents their kids have on Facebook! Just remember there’s some children who don’t get much.’


The picture was taken from Mrs Tapping’s Instagram and reposted around the web.


People left comments accusing her of spoiling her children and forgetting the true meaning of Christmas.

She has retorted: ‘I was more shocked by the reaction of people who instantly thought I was a bragging parent with spoilt little brat children. I was shocked how judgemental people were. My attitude is what I buy my kids is my business, no one else’s.’

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Mrs Tapping appeared on the TV show This Morning via Skype where Ben Shepherd and Holly Willoughby asked how she manages to afford the 300+ gifts if she is ‘not at all rich.’

She said: ‘I start shopping in January and use every bargain, every sale I can, that’s how I do it, I shop all year round to make the pile as big as it is.’

Here’s a snippet of the interview…


People have been weighing in with #toomanypresents on Twitter now as well.




‘I love the fact I can work hard all year to give my kids and my family this kind of Christmas. It is what we have always done and what we will continue to do.’

The great moral present wars of 2015 have commenced.

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