Mother Tracks Down Perv On Facebook Who Exposed Himself To Her Young Daughter

steve webAlamy

One mother used Facebook to track down the pervert who flashed her 12 year old daughter while she waited at a bus stop.

Adam Stevenson saw the young girl at the bus stop and decided to unzip his pants, pulling them down and exposing his penis to her, before moving his hand back and forth, as she looked on horrified.

The girl then screamed and ran home to her mother, giving her not only a description of what had just happened but also telling her the name of the man, which she had remembered after seeing his name badge. Her mother then used Facebook to scroll through images of that name, while looking for those who fit the visual description her daughter had provided.


She came across Stevenson, who her daughter then confirmed was the man who had indecently exposed himself to her and reported it to police, who arrested the 33 year old married father of one.

During police questioning, Stevenson claimed he knew it was a ‘stupid’ thing to do, but thought the girl was 16 or 17 and that it ‘might excite her’.

Stevenson was sentenced to a three year community order and will have to pay £500 to the victim.