Mum Who Killed Man That Molested Her As Child Facing 40 Years In Prison

Brittany Monk/Facebook

A young mother who killed the man who molested her as a child is facing a forty year jail sentence.

Robert Noce Jr. allegedly molested Brittany Monk between the ages of four to 12 while she was in his care.

Monk and her boyfriend Jace Crehan broke into Noce’s trailer and killed him, The Advocate reports.

East Baton Rouge Police Department

After killing Noce, Crehan was arrested and confessed to the crime telling police the justice system ‘failed’ Monk.

20-year-old Monk pleaded guilty to manslaughter while Crehan was convicted of second-degree murder and is facing life in prison.

The couple is scheduled for sentencing on January 18, 2018. Crehan is looking at a life sentence, and Monk faces 40 years behind bars.

Noce had just been sentenced to five years probation for molesting Monk after pleading no contest just two weeks before Crehan and Monk murdered him.

Monk and Crehan believed he should have been sentenced to ten years behind bars, not five years probation.

East Baton Rouge Police Department

During his confession Crehan said: 

I feel a lot better. It’s not regretting. Is it remorse? I’m not sorry for what I did.

Attorney Franz Borghardt argued that the couple acted out of passion telling the jury, ‘revenge is an act of passion, and this is very much an act of passion’.

Investigator Darwin Miller dismissed this though pointing out that what they did was illegal and condemned the vigilantes.

He said: 

We do not live in a country where we as a society are allowed to take the law into our own hands to do justice.

That’s what happened here. This is not a Shakespearean tragedy. This is not a Hollywood movie. This is the killing of a human being, whether you like him or not.

Borghardt attempted to argue that Noce had turned Monk into a sex slave and that Crehan saw him as a threat to his then-pregnant girlfriend.

He also claimed that the couple didn’t intend to kill Noce, just frighten him into leaving them alone.

Monk and Crehan bought walkie-talkies and blue gloves before breaking into Noce’s trailer.

They were careful to not leave evidence behind with Monk tying her hair up to escape detection but they were discovered when the gloves they’d dumped in the trailer were found to have Monk’s DNA inside.

Hillar Moore III the District Attorney said justice was served in the case, saying you don’t want people going out and taking justice into their own hands.