Mother’s Letter To Misbehaving Son Telling Him To Pay The Bills Is Genius



One mother has won the internet after writing a letter to her wayward son, telling him unless he behaves, he will have to start paying the bills.

Estella Havisham wrote the letter to her son, 13, who hasn’t been the best kid of late, detailing how much it costs to run a house, and told him that unless he started doing things like cleaning his bedroom and taking out the trash, he would have to pay up.

The single mother wrote that it costs $430 for rent, $116 for electricity, $21 for internet and $150 for food, and that he seemed to have forgotten she was the parent.


The post seemed to go down a storm with other people – most of whom were probably parents, with thousands of likes and shares on Facebook.

She originally posted the letter on Twitter, under a pseudonym, as she is a survivor of domestic abuse.


Offering her son an out, she signed off by saying:

‘If you would rather be my child again, instead of roommate, we can renegotiate terms’.

Amazing stuff.