Motorbike Thieves Get Instant Karma After Being Caught In The Act

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 16 Aug 2018 12:42
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While we’ve all heard the phrase ‘instant karma’ and love a bit of well-deserved justice in the world, sometimes it’s not karma but a just a damn good bloke doing the right thing.

When two dirty rotten thieves were spotted trying to steal a motorbike in London recently, a passerby stopped his car and tried to confront them.


One of the thieves quickly stood up to the passerby, grabbing a hammer and scaring the him away. But things didn’t end there.

Check it out in the video below:

Unfortunately, one of the thieves threatened the man with a hammer and smashed his car’s wing mirror.


On first impression, the man concedes defeat. I wouldn’t want to go up against a man with a hammer – I’m not sure anyone would?

A few seconds away from the scene, the passerby had the opportunity to stop and think about things – how he could still do something, as well as the fact mopeds are no match for cars.

Realising they’ve been busted and the police are almost certainly on their way, the two hapless criminals try to scarper off.


Satisfyingly, however, our passerby in the silver car returns, reversing towards the thieves quicker than Donald Trump reverses Obama’s presidential agreements.

Although one of the thieves runs off, the reversing silver car smashes into the moped, just as the other criminal jumps off.

The driver of the car immediately gets out, presumably to phone the police as the driver of the moped gives up on his two-wheeler and makes a run for it himself.

Road rage and instant karma, what a great combo.


So here’s some more for you! Don’t say we don’t treat you.

Though the origin of this conflict is less obvious than the feckless thieves above, the driver of the green pick-up truck was hellbent on getting even with the driver in the silver car.

As the green pick up truck came up in front and got nearer to the silver car, the driver attempted to swerve into it. I can only assume this person played too much Grand Theft Auto because no motorist in their right mind would attempt such a move which could endanger lives.


Of course, the attempt backfires and the driver loses control, swerves across the freeway and almost hits another car in the process, before slamming hard into a stone barrier. Instant karma. Instant regret.

Check it out:

Imagine having to explain the damages to your insurance company. I’m not sure they cover botched attempts at revenge? I don’t even think it covers successful acts of revenge? In fact, I’m pretty sure the only thing you’d get is a suspended license, a fine and community service. Or jail time?

The two examples are cars being used in two very different ways. Whatever you do, stay safe on the road everyone.

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