Motorcyclist Has One Of The Most Dramatic Escapes From Police Ever


If watching The Fugitive as a kid taught me anything, it’s that sometimes you’ve got to go to extreme lengths to escape the long arm of the law, but maybe not this far.

This strange viral video, from STREETFIGHTERZ, shows the moment that a bold (if foolish) police officer tried to stop a motorcyclist from escaping on his bike.

giphy (55)

Unfortunately the crafty biker managed to escape the clutches of the grasping police man, speeding away and leaving the officer in his dust, for about two seconds.

You see the jubilant escapee was so proud of escaping that he popped a wheelie to celebrate, and he stupidly leaned back just a smidgen too much causing him to end up arse over end on the concrete.

giphy (56)

The Terminator-esque biker wasn’t to be stopped though and despite obviously suffering a few scrapes and bruises (not to mention damage to his pride) he managed to pick his broken body up of the road and jump on the back of a mate’s bike.

We’ve no idea what the po-po wanted with the mystery biker but it clearly wasn’t to recruit him to their biker division…