Motorcyclist Posts Daring Escape From Police Online


The Police can’t arrest what they can’t catch, as proven by these leather-clad daredevils who bait officers into a chase before leaving them in the dirt.

The bulk of the video focuses on one particular chase, where a biker identifies what he deems as harassment from the Police.

He distracts an officer by calling him a “F*cking pussy” before tearing into a sustained wheely and swearing at the chasing cop.


Will he, won’t he get away? The tension is incredibly high, as is the entertainment factor. But so too is the stupid factor.

Not the ‘cool’ thing to say, but what is going through this fella’s mind as he pulls multiple wheelies, runs red lights, flips cops the bird, and weaves through hoards of traffic at alarming speeds?

He obviously has a lot of skill with a bike…and a death wish.

No I think I’ll stick to my own mild ways of ‘sticking it to the man’..