Motorist Plays Aggressive Bagpipes In Insulate Britain Protesters’ Faces Amid Motorway Mayhem

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Motorist Plays Aggressive Bagpipes In Insulate Britain Protesters’ Faces Amid Motorway Mayhem@IvorBennett/Twitter

A Scottish motorist played the bagpipes in the faces of Insulate Britain protesters amid today’s demonstrations. 

The environmental activists have been facing increased resistance from the everyday public in protests, with drivers dragging them off the road, throwing ink on them and even nudging them with their cars. Meanwhile, police have been forced to unstick protesters who’ve glued themselves to the ground.


The group is campaigning for the government to insulate all social housing as part of its efforts against climate change. While many agree with the cause, the disruption has sparked continual anger from people trying to get to work and school – today, October 27, one man made a point using bagpipes.

Reporting from Dartford, Kent, Sky News correspondent Ivor Bennett shared a clip to Twitter, writing, ‘In an utterly bizarre development, one motorist just started playing bagpipes in protestors’ faces before police moved him off.’

The unnamed Scottish man can be seen approaching the protesters sitting and lying next to the motorway blaring the bagpipes. It doesn’t take long until a nearby police officer moves him out the way and asks him to stop playing.


‘They are holding up ambulances, fire trucks. Disgraceful. You’re damaging your cause. What I was doing, obnoxiously, bagpiping in your face, is what you’re doing to all this traffic – you’re obnoxiously holding up people’s lives. You’re damaging your cause guys, you’re actually damaging your cause,’ he says.


Insulate Britain Protesters Have Ink Thrown In Their Faces Amid Motorway Chaos

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Bennett has also captured other drivers airing their frustrations to the police, with one saying, ‘I’ll get the lorry down here and I’ll run over them, I promise you, just saying. Drag them out the f*cking way mate, will you?’

‘Get out of the road, we’ve got work to do. We’re trying to earn money here. We’ve got people trying to get to school, we’ve got people going to school, get out the f*cking road,’ another driver said.


Insulate Britain recently asked drivers to avoid the M25 as it had become ‘a site of nonviolent civil resistance to stop our government committing crimes against humanity’. The group’s action comes after Transport Secretary Grant Schnapps announced a ‘super injunction’ against the protesters covering the ‘entire strategic road network’.

In an article for The Guardian, Cameron Ford – the activist who was told by a radio presenter he could ‘grow concrete’ – wrote, ‘We’re sick of empty promises and wishy-washy meetings, and won’t stand by to watch this government wreck our future. We face a choice: either we’re complicit in the unfolding crisis or we engage in nonviolent civil resistance. What will you do?’

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