Motorists Have Started To Drag Insulate Britain Protesters Off The Road

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Oct 2021 12:11
Motorists Have Started To Drag Insulate Britain Protesters Off The Road@damiengayle/Twitter

Footage has emerged of motorists in the UK dragging Insulate Britain activists off the road.

It comes amid fresh protests today, October 25, from the environmental group, with three roads across London blocked after a brief pause in its campaign to force the provision of home insulation to all social housing.


On Southwark Bridge, frustrated motorists on their way to work have been seen exiting their cars and pulling Insulate Britain protesters off the road.

Reporter Damien Gayle has shared a number of clips to Twitter this morning, with some activists actually standing up and leaning on oncoming cars rather than sitting cross-legged, as seen in earlier protests. ‘The now familiar scene begins of #InsulateBritain protesters now getting pulled out of the road,’ he wrote alongside a second video.

It comes after a shocking video of Sherrilyn Speid beginning to drive into a group of protesters as she was trying to get her son to school. ‘I didn’t hit them I just nudged them slowly along the road. It was a scare tactic. I thought they would move but they didn’t. I shouldn’t have let the anger get the better of me but they pushed me to the edge,’ she said.


In a third clip this morning, Gayle reported that police had started arresting protesters who’d glued their hands to the road, first using solvent to unstick their hands.

One activist told the Mirror Online he’d glued his head to the ground, before eventually being painfully peeled off and taken into custody.


‘If you look at the government response to the climate emergency in the number of heat pumps they are looking to put in – they are looking to put in 90,000 out of 25 million. That’s less than one third of 1%. That’s really not responding to an emergency,’ the protester, who gave his name as Matthew, said.

Despite frequent criticism of the group’s tactics over the past month, as well as the Department of Transport applying for injunctions that could see jail time if breached, campaigners are remaining steadfast. ‘We won’t stand by while the government kills our kids,’ the group said in a recent statement.

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    Insulate Britain protester glues FACE to floor before it's painfully peeled off