Mouse Tied Up By Sick Shopkeeper To Teach It Not To Steal


WARNING: Contains distressing footage


A sadistic shopkeeper filmed himself torturing a mouse to ‘teach it a lesson’ after the poor, innocent animal had stolen some food from his precious shelves. 

Melahalli Ramanna tied the rodent to a glass jar with crude green string, which he’d roped around its limbs at his shop in Mysore, southern India, so he could whip the animal in his twisted punishment.

You can watch the distressing footage below:

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During the 30-second clip, his friends can be heard laughing and jeering at the premeditated animal abuse, even saying the video would look good if music could be added to it.

At one point, Ramanna hits the mouse with such force, the whole glass jar to which the helpless animal is tied to, is knocked over.


The abuse is indicative of a really depraved, almost sociopathic God complex.

The mouse had been raiding Ramanna’s shop every night, feeding on his groceries and destroying other items, Indian media has reported – as if it’s any semblance of an excuse for this horrific display of sadism.

As the poor mouse whimpers, Ramanna repeatedly asks:

Will it eat gram flour and wheat again?


Anthony Rubin, an animal welfare officer from Chennai, India, said:

This is truly a disturbing video. I do not know where the world is heading. How can a person torture an animal like that?

These people are a serious threat to the society and actions should be taken against this person so he knows what is right and what is wrong.

This is not how animals should be treated. This is torture.


The video then stops, without revealing the animal’s fate, in the aftermath of this twisted beating.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t even know mice could look so afraid and I wish I could go back to my state of blissful ignorance.

In other news, America is trying to tackle animal abuse after Hurricane Irma saw many domestic pet owners abandon their cats and dogs in a bid to flee from the danger.


Those individuals, who clearly don’t take the responsibility of owning an animal seriously enough, will now be prosecuted by the authorities.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officers reportedly rescued around 40 dogs, with some tied to poles or simply left in outside pens.

Dianne Sauve who is the Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control director, said abandonment is one of the ‘worst things someone can do to their pet’.

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Sauve, speaking to USA Today, added:

There is absolutely no excuse for doing that. These are things that are not unexpected during a situation like this.

It’s always disappointing. Our goal is to keep pets and people together.


Any kind of animal abuse – whether it be against a dog, cat, or even a tiny little mouse – cannot and should not be tolerated.

It is dangerous and depraved.