Moving Video Of Entire Pub Singing Mr Brightside For Dead Friend Goes Viral

by : Tom Percival on : 26 Mar 2016 17:02

Normal Holy Thursday night here.Brian remembering Farmer.

Posted by Peter Teahan on Thursday, 24 March 2016

This is Mr. Brightside as you’ve never heard it before, seriously even The Killers would struggle to match it.


It’s Easter weekend and for Catholics that means no drinking in Ireland. This tends to lead to people overindulging, shall we say, on the Thursday before the pubs close.

It seems this was especially true down in Falvey’s Bar in Killorglin, County Kerry, where a whole pub was singing the Killer’s hit in memory of a fellow of a sadly deceased friend.

Mr Brightside featuredPeter Teahan/Facebook

Peter Teahan spoke to the website Joe about the bars impromptu singing.


He said:

A local man Ger Foley [Farmer] was buried that day aged 45. He had cystic fibrosis. Brian O’Sullivan on the counter was paying tribute to him.

Ger Foley was clearly a lucky man to have friends like Brian, who wastes no time in the video whipping the punters up into a singing frenzy, even whipping his own shirt off to dance on the bar.

Sounds like they gave Mr Foley quite the send off.

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