MPs Submit Vote Of No Confidence In Jeremy Corbyn

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jun 2016 12:27

Labour MPs have issued a vote of no confidence in current leader Jeremy Corbyn. 


So far Margaret Hodge and Ann Coffey have confirmed the decision after writing a letter to the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party, reports the BBC.

According to The Independent, the labour leader’s career is under fire from MPs and political figures alike after dramatically failing to persuade the majority of Labour voters to back the Remain campaign.

So far, the no confidence vote is too small and lacks any real constitutional force to force Corbyn to resign, however it will bring the future of his career into jeopardy.


The vote has been met with no surprise from other political figures and think tanks.

Just moments ago, Lord Bilimoria referred to Corbyn’s remain camp as ‘pathetic’ and calling for his resignation today.

However, it was Angela Smith, Labour MP for Penistone, who was reportedly the first to call for Jeremy Corbyn to go.

She said:

Jeremy Corbyn has got to take responsibility. He should consider his position. He’s shown insufficient leadership.

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An unnamed backbench MP added:

I don’t think that Jeremy Corbyn is the one most to blame for this. I’m absolutely furious with the Boris Johnsons who lied, and lied and lied – and people believed that eight million Turks were going to come here, they believed there would be £350 million for the NHS.

But there was also a failure of Labour leadership. If we had campaigned better, we could have got another half a million votes for Remain.


The vote of no confidence will be brought up at Labour’s next PLP meeting on Monday, where it will be up to the PLP chairman to decide whether it is debated.

If he allows the debate to take place then there will be a secret ballot of Labour MPs on Tuesday.


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