Mr. Bean Recut As A Horror Film Is Deeply Disturbing


This trailer for Mr Bean re-imagined as the serial killer Mean Bean is hands down one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen…

For those who’ve never seen 90s classic Mr Bean, you need to and without that, this freaky video will mean nothing, although it is pretty scary in it’s own right…

So let’s just to bring it into context for the youths of today, who may not have seen the weird and wonderful Alien-man-hybrid which was Mr Bean.

The Mr Bean series, absolutely catapulted Rowan Atkinson’s already successful career into the realms of popular culture.

It saw him play an alien-man trying to get to grips with life on Earth, in a variety of hilarious and slap-stick, comical circumstances.

This somewhat scarier version though, is a sure fire way to give you the creeps and seep into your nightmares, as the eccentric character of Mr Bean is re-hashed as a murderous psychopath.

Thankfully the ‘trailer’ is not an advert for a real film and is actually just a fan-made video, but the whole spooky thing has certainly left an imprint on my retinas…

Luckily creator John Loberger manages to make the footage creepy and funny at the same time, rendering the whole thing an act of a pure genius.

The creepy clip opens with Mr Bean shaving his tongue, which is already more than enough to put you off, but if you stick with it, it will take you to some darkly hilarious moments, referencing the retro films and giving them a whole new meaning.

The video continues with Mr Bean heading through airport security, with guards looking on in horror as he appears around corners and pulls disturbing faces, while brandishing a ‘finger gun.’

Some of his facial expressions in the mirror are some of the freakiest you will ever see, but the brilliant moment Mean Bean spots a guard’s gun, things take a twisted turn.

The rest of this unnerving-yet-hysterical clip shows a suspicious-looking Mean Bean, head onto an aeroplane and the rest is spliced up with the classic crash scene in Fight club, making for an ending of pure brilliance.

Here’s the full frightening footage:

It may be absolutely terrifying, but it’s well worth a watch.

Just don’t blame me if you can’t sleep for a week…