Muhammad Ali’s Death Is ‘Proof Of A Parallel Universe’ Apparently

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A bizarre new conspiracy theory has come to light claiming that boxing legend Muhammad Ali – who died earlier this month – actually passed away years ago.

And apparently it’s all down to an unusual phenomenon known as ‘The Mandela Effect’ which, according to some – could even prove that parallel universes really do exist, reports the Daily Star.

Paranormal consultant and, of course, ghost hunter, Fiona Broome, claims fake ‘collective memories of events’ could be evidence of ‘alternative worlds with different timelines’.


Broome says she coined the term ‘The Mandela Effect’ during a discussion about whether Nelson Mandela had died while in prison – rather than becoming South Africa’s first black president in 1994. Just, I know.

Explaining the Mandela Effect, Broome told how we slide between different existences:

It refers to apparently real, alternate memories of a history that doesn’t match the documented history in this reality.

She says her research began in 2005 after someone at Dragon Con sci-fi convention mentioned that others remembered Nelson Mandela dying in prison.


“For hours, a group of us – mostly authors – discussed our own memories of that event, as well as other events that don’t match the time stream we are in now,” she said.

And it seems like the effect has reared its head again as thousands have now backed the claims on social media that Muhammad Ali had died years ago:

But it doesn’t stop there, other examples of the phenomenon are equally if not more strange.

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Loads of film fans apparently remember Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze making a full recovery from cancer – despite him tragically dying from the disease in 2009 while many believe Wales formerly shared a border with Scotland.

Others claim Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed New Orleans in August 2005, actually hit four months earlier.

Who knows what to think anymore.