Multiplayer Fallout May Finally Be A Reality Thanks To New Vegas Mod


Dreams do come true. One intrepid team of modders have recently taken it upon themselves to turn Fallout: New Vegas into a multiplayer experience, and they’re currently looking for gamers to help test it.

Mr Mouse – the founder of the mod – has explained on Reddit that they’re nearing the phase of public testing, and any interested gamers can sign up right here.

Of course, Fallout has always been an massively in depth single player experience, so this mod is having to make a few sacrifices. First and foremost, V.A.T.S has been disabled completely. A moment of silence, please.

For the most part, some happy workarounds have been devised. You obviously spend a lot of time rifling through your gear in Fallout, so rather than pausing the world around (that would be inhabited by other players) you simply freeze and become impervious to damage, meaning you can sort out your favourite guns in peace.

The mod won’t support DLC, and at the moment there are no options for private matches, but this could change over time. Quests are also set to be synced up, but the solution isn’t exactly simple…

Mr Mouse said:

The way it works currently is that quests are clientside, they still take place in the world but one player in a location will synchronise entities/NPCs to other players around them. This means that if you entered an area where a quest NPC should be, and someone has previously killed them in the cell (whilst someone is currently in it with you), then you will fail the quest on entry.

Hopefully the player tests go well, and multiplayer Fallout can become a reality for the masses. Dream on, dreamers.