Multiple Arrests Made For Dumping Water On NYPD Officers

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Multiple Arrests Made For Dumping Water On NYPD OfficersFox News

Police in New York have arrested a man who was filmed chucking a bucket of water over a uniformed NYPD officer.

It comes after a video went viral, showing New York Police Department officers getting doused with water as they walked along a street in Brooklyn.


The footage shows a man approaching the officers and pouring a bucket directly over one of their heads. The officers didn’t respond to the assault, choosing not to engage with the gang, presumably to defuse the situation.


NYPD’s chief of department, Terence Monahan, addressed the viral video on Twitter, writing:

Actions like we’ve seen in videos recently will NEVER be tolerated in this city.


He added:


On Wednesday, the police department took to social media to confirm the man in the video had been apprehended.

They also revealed they’d arrested another person who was wanted in connection to a similar incident which took place in the Harlem area of Manhattan, Fox News reports.


The altercation was similar to the Brooklyn incident, in that a person was captured on film throwing a bucket over an officer, hitting him in the head while he made an arrest. Meanwhile, members of the public stood jeering and laughing.

This comes after a video went viral showing a man harassing uniformed police officers on a subway in New York.

The minute-long clip shows a man who looks to be in his 20s telling an officer to ‘put hands’ on him, pointing out it would give him ‘every right to defend himself’.




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When the officer calmly asks the man ‘you think so?’ the man continues to threaten the cop telling him ‘I’ll f*ck you up,’ before repeating ‘suck my d*ck,’ over and over.

While these incidents appear to be completely unprovoked, tensions between the public and the police departments seem to be higher than ever.

Movement for Black Lives activist Samuel Sinyangwe cited the public’s distrust in the police, which could be the reason for the increase in incidents like these.

NYPD Cop Harassed On Subway By Angry Passenger Reacts Perfectly@NYCPBA/Twitter

Writing on Medium, Sinyangwe said:

We continue to see police departments place the blame for their own violence on the very communities they’re supposed to be serving. ‘We just go where the crime is,’ they say. It’s a convenient narrative—one that relies more on racist assumptions than on facts.

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