Multiple Casualties As Gunman Targets New York Hospital


New York Police were called to a Bronx hospital amid reports a gunman had targeted staff.

Sky News later confirmed the gunman had died and three doctors had been wounded in the attack.

Witness reports claim that officers could at one point be seen on the building’s roof, guns drawm.

Gunfire broke out at Bronx Lebanon Hospital at around 2.50pm local time.

According to The New York Times the shooter was armed with a long gun, described in a radio transmission as tall and thin wearing a ‘blue shirt and white lab coat’.

A Police official said:

It looks like an employee of the hospital, that’s what we’re hearing, unconfirmed, right now.

It was later confirmed by officials the man was a former doctor at the hospital, and had attempted to set himself on fire before fatally wounding himself with his gun.

Five people were wounded, while one victim was allegedly treated by people inside the hospital who used an emergency fire hose as a tourniquet.

The victims were located on the 16th and 17th floors of the building in the Mount Hope area of the Bronx.