‘Multiple Deaths’ As Munich Is Subject To ‘Shooting Rampage’

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Local police in the German city of Munich have confirmed a shooting has taken place in a shopping mall.

A second shooting has also been confirmed at Stachus metro station in the city’s centre, although casualties have yet to be confirmed at the second site.

According to Sky News, local media has reported ‘multiple deaths’ as a result of the mall attack, with one person confirmed dead, and at least ten others injured.

The BBC reports shopworkers are currently unable to leave the scene at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum – the largest shopping centre in Bavaria – and police say they suspect there is more than one attacker involved.

A police spokesperson told Reuters:

We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage.

Police are urging locals to remain indoors as a ‘large police operation’ is in progress, and public transport has allegedly been suspended as the situation develops.

A witness live-streaming from outside the mall is reported as saying:

(The gunman) ran into the underground station. Police are looking for him. I don’t have a description of the shooter.

A local petrol station employee has told the BBC:

We see just ambulances and it’s like firemen and police but all this area is evacuated, all the streets.

Now [there] are no cars just on the side of the streets. All of the streets are blocked. I see that the people are scared. Everybody are running around

The city has been on alert followong the wounding of four people during a knife and axe attack in the nearby Bavarian city of Wuerzberg on Monday.

A 17-year-old Afghan is reported to have been behind that attack, but as yet there is no confirmation of who is behind the scenes in Munich, or there potential motive.

Our thoughts go out to anyone currently in the city, or with friends and relatives who may have been affected.

More to follow.