Mum And Daughter ‘Mistaken For Sisters’ Because People Can’t Believe How Old Mum Is

Louise and Ellie Smith, mother and daughterCaters

A mother and daughter who are practically inseparable have spoken about their close bond with each other – the pair even go clubbing together.

Some parents like to keep a distance between them and their child’s social life, not because they don’t care, far from it actually. It’s usually because they don’t want to infringe on their life outside of the family.

Also, would you want to go clubbing with your parent? Surely it’s a gateway into Pandora’s Box?

Well, mother Louise Smith and daughter Ellie, are a duo who do just that.

Louise and Ellie Smith, Mother and daughterCaters

The mother and daughter duo from Salisbury, Wiltshire, revealed how they love clubbing together and despite the age difference (42-years-old and 20-years-old) they’re ‘always mistaken for sisters’.

The two have even gone to wild Ibiza parties together!

However, the Smith girls describe themselves as ‘best friends’ who pretty much do everything together, and despite Louise constantly stealing Ellie’s clothes and flirting with men young enough to date her daughter, Ellie claims she wouldn’t trade their special connection for the world.

Ellie, who works alongside Louise at her hair salon, claims people will often get confused when they discover they’re mother and daughter.

Furthermore, she claims her mother is usually the one to get the party started when they’re out.

Ellie states:

As soon as I was old enough, me and my mum would always go clubbing together and that’s the main time that people realised how alike we look.

Describing her mother, Ellie continued:

She’s a lot of fun on a night out and really gets into the party mood – even more than me most of the time.

It’s all fun and games until people who are my age try to hit on her and I have to tell them she’s my mum.

Even when she steals my new clothes before I’ve got to wear them, I find it funny rather than annoying – I love having my mum as my best friend!

You know what Ellie? You’re a good soul to let your mum wear your clothes. If I found out my dad was putting his stinky feet in my crisp size 8.5 Air Jordan 1s, I’d be fuming.

Louise said:

While I’m still young enough, I’m going to continue to go clubbing and live my life to the fullest.

Ellie has always been my mini-me and my best friend, so why wouldn’t we go on nights out and enjoy ourselves together?

I always go into her wardrobe and wear her clothes and she does the same with mine, we have very similar style.

Going to Ibiza with Ellie was really fun because we did it properly – we went to a pool party and to Ocean Beach Club.

It’s just great to be able to get dressed up and have some drinks with your daughter and make some amazing memories!

Ibiza club Getty UK

It’s easy to be snarky about this, but these two are clearly living their best lives – Louise in particular. So good on them both.

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