Mum Fails To Spot Something Strange On Cushion She Bought For Daughter


A mother with a sense of humour purchased some pillows with numerous hidden yet monumental penises (penii?) on them.

At first I thought I pictured a middle-aged mother who thought she was purchasing some beautiful blue floral cushions, and accidentally furnished her lounge with veiny dicks.

Alas, it turns out that the cushions are purposely marketed as floral penis patterned throw pillows. I knew the penises were too perfect to be an accident.

Wonderfully named Reddit user Waffle_Twat uploaded the photos captioned ‘my mother bought these throw pillows’. Thanks mum…

Look Human

The pattern was created by an artist called Coey Kuhn who advertised it on his Tumblr as a ‘free penis pattern’.

For just £27.99 you can also adorn your living room or bed with a colourful cock cushion.

It’s hard not to get ahead of yourself when items like this come out.