Mum Defends Son Who Knocked Out Man Who ‘Harassed’ Her On Her Doorstep

Mum defends son who protected her.Jack Randall/Facebook/Newsflare

CCTV footage of a protective son defending his ill mother from harassment on her doorstep has gone viral, and now the family have spoken out.

The footage showed disabled grandmother Trudy Murrell, from Middlesbrough, being harassed outside her own home by two men.

The ‘unpredictable’ men reportedly approached Trudy, 55, as she sat in the garden giving her one-year-old granddaughter some ice cream.

A frightened Trudy told them to leave her property, but one of them proceeded to walk towards the door of her house.

The footage shows how her son Jack Randall, 22, punched one of the trespassers to the ground before older brother James Randall, 27, dragged the fallen man out of the garden and into the street.

Trudy, who has fibromyalgia and diabetes, has since made the following remarks according to the MailOnline:

I was frightened of them. Those kinds of people are unpredictable. I’m ill and so I may have struggled to defend myself.

The one that went to the door, he turned funny. He started swaying and he couldn’t walk.

I told them to get off the front. One of them went near the door. I stood in the way. I had my granddaughter in my arms so I put her down in the chair in case he tried to get passed me and in the house.

Jack’s girlfriend had messaged him to tell him what was going on, that’s why he got out the car so quickly and punched him straight away.

I didn’t know he knew what was going on. They should never have come over here, it’s our house, our property.

son floors man one punch harassing mumNewsflare

James reportedly said:

Two bag heads had come to our door. They tried to get into an old man’s house around the corner but he called the police on them.

They were probably trying to get into our house to steal something. ‘One of them, their trousers kept falling down. And they kept falling down in front of my daughter. Jack punched the one whose trousers had fallen down.

The way they were going there was no time to get on the phone to get the police. We had to use force to get them away.

My mam’s not well. She has Fibromyalgia, diabetes and other things affecting her health. I was basically coming down to defend my family.

Man punches men who are harassing his mum.Newsflare

He continued:

I didn’t see Jack knock him out. I found out about him having his trousers down later. To be honest if I’d known that when I came out it would have been a different story.

They were threatening my mam to get into the house. She was telling them to go. She told them I was inside.

They must have thought my mam was lying. It’s really bad around here for people like that. They were definitely off their faces. Basically we wanted them off as quickly as possible. What would you do if it was your ill mam and your one-year-old daughter?

They were probably around two seconds away from attacking my mam and daughter.

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