Mum Gives Birth To Seven Babies In One Natural Birth

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Feb 2019 18:06
Mum gives birth to seven babies.Mum gives birth to seven babies.CEN

A woman has given birth naturally to seven babies during one delivery, in what is said to be the first septuplet pregnancy in Iraq.


The unnamed supermum is a 25-year-old woman who gave birth at Al-Batul Teaching Hospital in eastern Iraq’s Diyali Province. It has not as yet been confirmed whether or not she has Hulk-level strength.

Thankfully, a spokesperson from the local health department, Firas Al Izzawi, has since given a statement revealing the mother is healthy and recovering well following her unusual delivery.

After undergoing multiple check-ups, the seven newborn siblings – six girls and one boy – are also said to be in good health.


Adorable pictures have since emerged of the titchy tiny babies lying together, blissfully unaware of how rare and remarkable they are. I mean, can you even imagine the amount of slammed doors there will be at this house in fifteen years’ time?

The images have been shared far and wide on social media and in local news sources, with many well-wishers offering words of congratulations for the couple and their brand new septuplets.

According to newspaper Al-Raya, Director of Health Information, Diyala Fares al-Azzawi, has described this incredible birth as being ‘a unique precedent at the level of Iraq’.

Needless to say, septuplets are a staggeringly rare occurrence no matter where you live in the world. The very first surviving set of septuplets were born in 1997 to Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey, of Des Moines, Iowa.

During Bobbi’s pregnancy, the couple refused the option of undergoing a ‘selective reduction’, stating they would leave matters ‘in God’s hands’.

The McCaughey septuplets were born nine weeks’ early, by caesarean section, amid intense media interest. President Bill Clinton rang the family personally to offer his congratulations, while Oprah Winfrey invited her onto her talk show.

Speaking with Today ahead of her children’s 21st birthday in November 2018, Bobbi discussed how they were finding their own paths as adults:


Since they were very young they’ve had varied interests.

They still have a very close bond to one another, but they also enjoy doing things with their friends and also exploring those different activities and different classes.

Seven babies delivered during one natural birth.Seven babies delivered during one natural birth.CEN

Congratulations to this newly ginormous family. I sincerely hope a nappy company hears of their story and gives them a much needed unlimited supply. And I really, really hope at least two of these bundles of joy are good sleepers…

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