Mum Makes Bath Bubbles For Baby With Electric Mixer, Fails Hard

YouTube/Shonky Brothers

A strong contender has emerged for the ‘Stupidest Person On The Internet Award’ after what was meant to be a cute video of a dancing baby went viral for all the wrong reasons.

This mother used an electric hand-held mixer to froth the bubble bath. WRONG. Try again.

They say you can’t choose your parents, and it looks like this adorable baby got a pretty crap hand in those stakes. The video – which emerged four months ago – has sparked a fiery debate and divided opinion amongst viewers. Baby Max started bopping along to the ‘Bubble Butt’ song by Major Lazer, prompting his parents to beat-box and sing along.

YouTube/Shonky Brothers

The video, uploaded to YouTube by Shonky Brothers, has been viewed more than 515,000 times and has split opinion amongst keyboard warriors, with some quick to criticise the parents for risking electrocuting their child.

YouTube commenter George Sayer said: “Poor child, you can’t choose your parents, especially ones as utterly thick as these two muppets.” Maria Teresa added : “I wouldn’t use any electrical appliance in the bath tub with my baby. Why not make your bubble bath first.. THEN put the baby in it?”

Some disagreed with the science behind it, while others just seemed blissfully unaware of any impending danger, with Breya Kinser saying: “This video is adorable not only for the baby but also the dynamic of the parents and their child.”

Well, at least it wasn’t a toaster, FFS.