Mum Of Triplets Reveals Incredible Body Transformation Months After Giving Birth

Mother of triplets transforms body type.Caters News Agency

Going through labour sounds difficult enough, and in all honesty, I can’t imagine what it’s like to give birth, let alone to triplets.

However, there are clearly some women out there who are absolute warriors; bringing three new lives into the world after carrying them all inside their body for nine months.

I mean, I get this is something we all already know but still, mums of triplets are absolute badasses and we don’t remember or talk about this enough.

Being a lazy sort of person, I would no doubt use the excuse of pushing three babies out to put my feet up and demand to be pampered for the following year.

However, this is certainly not the way of Ramie Snodgrass from Tacoma, Washington, who’s completely transformed her body just five months after birthing her three beautiful children: Anna, Connor, and Justin.

Being physically fit and active was important to supermum Ramie, and she wanted to keep this part of identity intact after having her triplets.

Luckily, she’s found taking care of her babies has actually helped her take back her athletic body shape after the toll of pregnancy and labour.

And a toned photograph she shared when her triplets were just five-months-old has left jaws agape all over the internet, even among those with the trimmest of yoga bods.

As reported by the Mail Online, 35-year-old Ramie revealed:

For me a big fear of having triplets was not being able to do the things I love like running, hiking and more. I want to inspire other people and other moms not to give up on the things that are important to you as a person.

I tried running six weeks after my c-section but found it was too painful, so I don’t work out as regularly as I used to.

But I think having triplets has kept me slim, lifting them out of their cribs, toting big boxes of diapers, pushing their hug strollers and more is physically labourous.

Mum gives birth to triplets and transforms body.Caters News Agency

Ramie continued:

I have a fit body type, I eat very healthily, I don’t exercise regularly but I am taking care of the babies and any chance I get I like to go for walks.

The amount of times running up and down the stairs, picking up one baby then another when they begin to cry, is pretty physically demanding.

Mum credits having triplets with keeping her in shape.Caters News Agency

Of course, although Ramie’s transformation is incredible, every person’s body is different and women shouldn’t ever feel the pressure to snap back into shape after the often traumatic experience of giving birth.

However, Ramie’s strength and resilience is pretty inspiring to say the least, whether you have a set of triplets to run around after or not.

Speaking about the response to her incredible post-partum picture, Ramie said:

At times I feel like an imposter, there are far more heroic mothers than I am – mothers with disabled children, high risk pregnancies that didn’t turn out well and others – I feel guilty for the attention.

I’m thankful to have my body back, I was uncomfortable being pregnant, especially as I have always kept very fit.

Mum of triplets shares amazing transformation picture.Caters News Agency

Will we soon be seeing a niche exercise video released, complete with baby lifting and pram squats?

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