Mum Paralysed By Stroke After M25 Protest Delayed Hospital Trip

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 20 Sep 2021 08:21
Mum Paralysed By Stroke After M25 Protest Delayed Hospital TripAlamy

After a group of climate protesters blocked the M25, a mother was left paralysed from a stroke. 

The Insulate Britain protesters took to the motorway on September 13 and 15 for a sit-in, blocking a number of junctions and causing rush hour delays, even provoking violent responses from some drivers.


However, since the protests, a mother has been left paralysed as it caused delays to her son rushing her to hospital.

After being stuck in the traffic for hours, her son, Chris, had to watch his mother ‘slip away’.

Insulate Britain Climate Activists protesters block A41 M25 roundabout in Hertfordshire between Watford and Kings Langley with police on sceneAlamy

Due to ambulance delays, Chris decided to drive his mother to hospital, however the sit-in on the M25 meant he was stuck in traffic for around six hours.


Chris told LBC he was doing a ‘mission of mercy to help [his] mother’.

He described the hopelessness of being in a stand-still of traffic, ‘watching her slip away’ and how he could ‘do nothing’.

When they did eventually arrive at the hospital, doctors said if they had arrived ‘within 90 minutes […] her symptoms [and] her recovery would have been minimal,’ Chris said.


However, due to the protests, Chris’ mother was ‘left to endure a stroke for six hours’ and has now ‘got complete paralysis now down her left side’. ‘I’m so angry and so upset – this didn’t need to happen,’ he said.


Elderly Insulate Britain Protester Walks Out Into Oncoming Traffic On Middle Of M25

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Insulate Britain are a climate activist group who took to the M25 by way of demanding the government to act on home insulation.

The protests first began on Monday, September 13, when the group blocked five junctions of the same busy motorway.

Police have since made multiple arrests from the protests, however one of the group’s activists, Sandy, aged 31, said she plans to still continue trying to shut the M25 down.


She said: 

I feel calm. It’s out of my hands now. If I’m released, I will come back here.

Losing my job is a small concern compared to what’s coming if we don’t lower our carbon emissions.

In a statement, Insulate Britain demanded ‘credible action now’. It went on to say they wanted ‘proper jobs for hundreds of thousands of people to start the first real step’. The group says insulating ‘homes of this country’ is the best way to see the ‘biggest reduction in carbon emissions’.


‘It is a total no-brainer and yet this Government refuses to get on with the job. This is criminal negligence,’ it said.

So far, 11 people have been arrested because of the protests.

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