Mum Says She Stopped Ageing At 20 And Gets Mistaken For Son’s Girlfriend


Shimmi Munshi is 41-years-old, however because of her youthful looks she is constantly mistaken for being 20.

Bolton native Shimmi says she stopped ageing when she turned 20 after giving birth to her son, and only child, Ameen. Because of this, when he was a teenager, strangers would often mistake them for being brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend – which probably creeped them both out.

While an outsider’s perspective would assume Ameen’s mother may have had cosmetic surgery she has been adamant her youthful looks and beauty is au naturale.

Taking into consideration how amazing Shimmi looks you have to spare a thought for her poor son, who I’m sure got some less-than-tasteful ribbing from his classmates – secondary school can be a vicious place where ‘no mercy’ is the mantra.

Speaking to Metro, Shimmi says:

I’ve always looked young. As my friends began ageing, I seemed to go in the opposite direction, but I’ve no idea why. I was a single mum, juggling work and motherhood, and anyone would think the stress might have started to show.

Instead, I seemed to stop ageing. I didn’t notice it particularly, but all my friends did. They were all moaning that I’d discovered the secret of eternal youth and they wanted me to share it.

Also considering the petty nature of human beings we’re pretty sure Shimmi has some undercover, lowkey haters who are jealous of the youthful looks she’s been blessed with. Many ask her what her secret is or if she has had any plastic surgery done.

Shimmi goes onto say:

At the school gates, the other mums would ask if I’d had plastic surgery, or if I had spent a fortune on skin creams and beauty treatments. And they were gutted to learn I had no secrets. There was no mystery at all to the way I looked. I’d certainly never had cosmetic surgery.

And my beauty routine consisted of baby wipes and whatever moisturiser was on special offer in the supermarket! I have never spent a lot of money on beauty products though of course, I take care of myself; I drink green tea and I don’t smoke or drink booze. I’m a member of the local gym and I drink lots of water.

But I am no fitness fanatic or beauty queen. In fact, I rarely look in the mirror. I don’t actually think about my looks much at all.

Instead, she puts her looks down to good old fashion genes, claiming her parents Siraj and Nooie are just as good-looking, youthful and healthy as her in their old age. But while looking great has its advantages she does admit there are quite a few drawbacks.

For instance, Shimmi claims she has:

… been asked for ID buying alcohol so many times and sometimes they just refuse to serve me outright. It’s worth it though to see the look on the shop assistant’s face when I hand over my ID. I feel like the female version of Peter Pan – the girl who never grew up.

She goes onto say:

When my son was younger, people we didn’t know presumed we were either brother and sister or a couple. We were so close, because I had brought him up on my own, and so there was a special bond between us. Anyone who met us would just naturally treat him like he was my boyfriend.

We went on holiday to Poland, and I had booked an excursion, and the tour guide wouldn’t believe that we were mum and son. He kept insisting we were a couple and Ameen was so embarrassed. Another time, in Turkey, the locals thought we were brother and sister. At Ameen’s prom night, people thought we were a couple too. It’s very flattering and it made me giggle but it drove him mad.

Even her son’s teachers found it hard to believe she was Ameen’s mother, at parents evenings they would ask to ‘see Ameen’s mum’ because they would be under the impression Shimmi ‘was his sister!’

You’d think her son would be bothered with all the attention his mum receives but, according to her, he’s okay with it.

She says:

As a teenager, he didn’t like all the attention. He is now 20 and has got used to the constant comments about his mum’s looks. I think he’s finally accepted all the fuss.

He still lives at home and we are as close as ever, so it hasn’t affected our relationship at all. He’s training in IT and I’m very proud of him.

Shimmi also reveals she suffers from a condition known as gastroparesis, it’s a disease which causes the muscles in your stomachto stop functioning, therefore it prevents food from being broken down properly.

However, despite ‘feeling absolutely rubbish’ and constantly being in and out of hospital Shimmi still manages to maintain her good looks and hopes to be looking ‘be looking 30 when I’m 80’.

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