Mum Sickened After Finding Spiders Growing Inside Asda Grapes

by : UNILAD on : 18 Sep 2015 15:18
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One woman claims she has been put off grapes for life after finding spiders growing inside of them.


Stephanie Daniel, from Oldham, Manchester, purchased the grapes from Asda, and put them in her fridge.

The 33-year-old didn’t even think anything of seeing a spider crawl around her fridge, but when she went into work and started eating said grapes, she saw a shell of a spider inside one, and physically threw up.


The mother of two claimed:


I was at work at the time.

I accidentally touched this sac with my finger and this disgusting spider shell-type thing popped out.

I actually had to dash to the loo to throw up and I had the rest of a night shift to get through. It wasn’t great.

When I showed it to my colleagues they were as gobsmacked and disgusted as I was and told me to put it in a specimen jar and take it back to the store where I’d bought the grapes to show them.


Alarmingly, she claimed that when the grapes were taken back to Asda, they didn’t seem to care, and just told her to pick out another bunch.

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    Mum physically sick after finding baby spiders growing in bunch of Asda grapes