Mum Slammed For Saying She ‘Wants To Kill Her Kids’ After Stressful Summer Live On Air

by : Julia Banim on : 20 Jul 2018 13:51
Mum calls for shorter summer holidays.Mum calls for shorter summer holidays.ITV

A stressed out mother has been criticised after comments she made on Good Morning Britain.


Kerry Davies appeared on the breakfast show to debate whether or not school summer holidays should be reduced. She was firmly of the opinion they should, risking the wrath of many a teacher.

The mum of two argued how trying to keep her kids entertained throughout the six week holiday proved too stressful, making a flippant remark about wanting to ‘kill them and throw them out of the window’.

Far from the wonderland of bike rides and seaside trips one would usually associate with these six glorious weeks, Kerr instead described a grim and tedious nightmare where her children treat her as a ‘taxi service’.


According to a Good Morning Britain poll, 50 per cent of viewers believe the summer holidays are just too lengthy and so it’s clear Kerry is not alone.

Explaining her position, Kerry – who gets five weeks holiday a year compared to her children’s thirteen  said:

It just causes tension in the households. The moment you hit week one, by the end of week one they’re bored for starters, by the end of week two I want to kill them and throw them out of the window.

So as far as the pressures are concerned, just emotionally and financially, it is ridiculously long. We don’t live in the 1930s anymore.

Watch Kerry put her controversial argument across for yourself below:


However, many people did not like what Kerry had to say, with some describing her as being ‘spoilt and self entitled’.

Many people came forward to say how Kerry was taking her children for granted, and how she should be cherishing these precious summer days with her eight-year-old and 12-year-old.

One person raged:

I think she will regret her words, she will never get this time back, her loss. She appeared to view her children as a liability I hope they weren’t watching!!

Another fumed:

6 week holidays aren’t new. This lady had them when she was at school. Stop bloody moaning about financial & emotional stress & have fun with your kids while they’re off for 6 weeks. Be thankful we actually have some sunshine this summer!


However, others sympathised with Kerry’s plight, reasoning how it wasn’t always easy to get the time off to care for young children.

After all, many parents just don’t have the time, money or support to give their children a storybook perfect summer.

One person said:

Childcare is a nightmare to find during the holidays and it can be just as expensive taking them on days out etc.

Another empathised:

As a parent…. I dread the start of the school holidays because it seems so long and finding things for them to do constantly…But it goes so quickly by the end.. I’am wishing they had a few days !!

So do you agree with Kerry? Or do you think she could have put her point across in a less offensive way?

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