Mum Spends Over $5,000 On Food Shop To Last Six Months

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Mum Spends Over $5,000 On Food Shop To Last Six Months
Mum Spends Over $5,000 On Food Shop To Last Six Months (ThisMamasHouse/YouTube)

A mum and YouTuber from Michigan shocked viewers by revealing a huge $5,000 food shop which she claimed would last her family six months.

Mum-of-six Tabitha has gained thousands of followers on YouTube by sharing advice for homemaking, including ideas for meal preparation, tips on doing the washing and insights into her huge family food shops.

Where most people might hit the supermarkets for a weekly shop or even just stock up the products they need when they need them, Tabitha shared a video last year in which she showed off her pricey Costco haul which she claimed would last the family 'anywhere between six to eight months', allowing the family to shop at the big-box retail store just once or twice a year.


The mum revealed she had spent a whopping $5,635 (£4,566) on the shop, which included everything from butter and cheese to salmon burgers and bagels.

Tabitha bought the items in bulk to ensure the family, which just included five children at the time, had enough food to last, purchasing a six packets of bacon, 12 packs of ramen noodles and numerous bags of various nuts.

After showing off her shop the mum assured she was 'not opening [her] own grocery store', and though not everyone may agree with buying so much food at once Tabitha pointed out she's the one feeding her family, adding: "And until you’re feeding my family, you don’t get a say."


The mum has been praised by YouTubers for her impressive planning and storage skills, with one commenter writing that the 'logistics' of the shop was 'just mind boggling'.


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"It takes a special planning, organisation and coordination skills and patience to achieve just this level alone without feeling stressed, then there’s storing it too. What can’t be missed is the fact your [sic] Wonder Woman! Plain & simple!" they added.

In a bid to help people get their heads around the huge food shops, Tabitha released a Q&A video delving into the questions about storage, food waste and the shopping experience itself.


She explained the experience is an 'entire day's worth' of work, and that it made sense for the family to stock up on food all in one go while having a babysitter look after the young children.

The huge amounts of food can be stored in the family's basement, which Tabitha said stays at a 'pretty good even temperature all throughout the year', as well as in a huge chest freezer.

Another reason for why the family bulk buys, Tabitha explained, is because she simply doesn't ever want to be in a position where she can't feed her children, therefore buying huge hauls at once ensures she always has an 'emergency food supply'.

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