Mum Takes Crossbow To The Head After Throwing Son Out Of The Way

Crossbow injuriesJanet Partain/Facebook

A heroic mother from Arkansas has taken a crossbow to the head while defending her 14-year-old son.

34-year-old Janet Partain had leapt in front of her teenage son in a bid to protect him from being shot by the crossbow, which was allegedly fired by 34-year-old Joseph Avellino.

The incident occurred on Monday, February 11, and Partain has said she was ‘lucky to be alive’. The strong mother even managed to drive herself to hospital after receiving her injury.

Horrific pictures have since emerged of Partain with an arrow piercing through her left cheek and protruding through the back of her head. She can be seen bleeding profusely from the wound, remarkably still remaining conscious.

Another photograph shows Partain with the arrow removed and nightmarish gash stitched up, giving the camera a defiant middle finger while still wearing her hospital gown.

Speaking to WREG after the arrow was removed by doctors – just 24 hours after the terrifying ordeal – Partain said:

My face is throbbing and I can’t shut one of my eyes, I’m just glad the baby [her son] didn’t get shot.

A mother has taken an arrow to the face while protecting her son.Janet Partain/Facebook

Partain explained how she had received her injury after confronting Avellino at his home, concerning the matter of an alleged theft.

Her 14-year-old son and 15-year-old nephews had been with her at the time of the confrontation, and things escalated.

Partain told WREG:

I told him, Joseph I don’t want you on my property no more, this and that. And he was like, ‘Well I’m going to shoot ya’ll’.

[He] was pointing the arrow at them and he fired a shot at one of them, and I pushed them out the way and I got hit.

I think I was in shock because once I got hit I said, ‘I can’t believe you almost shot that kid’.

Cross County Deputies responded to the scene in question at approximately 4.20pm. However, officers found Partain had already fled from the residence in a vehicle.

Woman is shot through the face with a crossbow.Janet Partain/Facebook

Captain Jeff Nichols from the Cross County Sheriff’s Office – who has been investigating this incident – has made the following statement:

It was an odd sight to see someone with an arrow in their face and they’re still conscious and talking to me.

Avellino was reportedly arrested and charged with battery, as well as three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

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